How we started Aloha Baby Clothing Company

Our family was raised in San Diego, with many summer days (and spring, fall, and even winter!) spent at the beach surfing, picnicking, and enjoying being together. As each of our six kids reached college age, five of them chose to attend school in Hawaii. This made for many trips back and forth, several weddings, and eventually some beautiful babies who are “Hapa,” (half-Polynesian).

When our oldest daughter moved back to San Diego with her little family, she turned to me one day and said, “Mom, I think we should start a baby clothing company, and we should call it ‘Aloha Baby.’” Done! It was as simple as that!

Well, at least that’s how the idea was “born.” Then there were the hours of:

  • Online research
  • Buying the urls
  • Trademarking our name
  • Finding a high-quality embroiderer
  • Testing various products and manufacturers
  • Creating designs
  • Finding the best fabric
  • Attending trade shows, AND…
  • Enlisting some customers!

We knew right away that Aloha Baby would only sell high-quality items and articles that we would want to put on, or around, our own babies. We are very fortunate to partner with several stores in Hawaii who sell high-end, high-quality baby clothing. And of course we are lucky to have many online customers as well!

Elisabeth & Mary
Aloha Baby Clothing Company

- Mahalo